Inspirations: Nan Goldin

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“I knew from a very early age, that what I saw on tv had nothing to do with real life. So I wanted to make a record of real life. That included having a camera with me at all times.” - Nan Goldin

… In the earlier years when I was discovering more about my artistic abilities, I learnt a lot about other influencing artists. A few of which have inspired me today. One of them being Nan Goldin.

Nan Goldin is a famous documentary photographer of the 1980’s. She grew up in Boston, and had Middle-class Jewish parents whose ideas were moderately liberal and progressive, and those ideas were tested when Nan’s sister, Barbara Holly, committed suicide at the age of 18.

“My pictures were always misunderstood as having a sexual theme.” - Nan Goldin

Nan’s photographic adventure was mainly around the gay and transsexual community. And, looking at her photos people will describe her work very bold, raw and quite controversial. The people she would ‘document’ appear to be very sexual orianted in her photos.
Nan Goldin And Her Early Berlin Days

Lilly Pilly Photography


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