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"... the world as a beautiful, yet, strange place. Photography has taught me not only to see what is in front of you, but to also see what is not."

Some wise words from a young photographer, of 25 years old, who is becoming to be a rising star in the photography industry. Rachel Lee Images is the first Local photographer to be featured on Lilly Pilly Photography's site. She has seen life in it's darkest times, but has come to a light at the end of the tunnel which is telling a beautiful story. Most of her photos at the moment are focusing on live band shots, portrait shots and also freelance photography of everyday life and what gifts it has to offer. So, Lilly Pilly Photography has taken the time to ask a few questions and see what wise words Rachel Lee Images has offer us.


How did you come to become a rising photographer?  It started from a young age, I have always hated getting my photograph taken. So, rather than being the subject I got behind the lens and it has seemed to go snow ball from there. 
Where does your inspiration come from? My inspiration comes from a few different places one in particular is nature, I love nature and I want to capture it in all its glory and I try to add my own twist.  

What other photographers can you name have been an influence towards your work? Wow, there are so many that pop to mind. I will keep this short and only name a few. One of my all time fave photographers is Shlomi Nissim (http://www.shlominissim.com/gallery.asp) his work is amazing the way each photo tells a story one day I hope to be as good of a photographer he is. Another one is shadow zone photography aka  Melanie Tipping(http://www.shadowzonephotography.com.au/index2.php) I really love her live band shoots.
What steps have you taken towards becoming a photographer? I have done a short course in photography, I have done a lot of research online about it and am trying to teach myself. I'm also very lucky to have a few good friends that are photographers, who are always around to help and support if need be.
What do you hope to achieve out of photography and where do you see yourself, as a photographer, in 5 years? I really hope to get a full qualification one day and be able to do wild life, live band, portrait and abstract photography as a paid profession that would be my dream job. In 5 years I hope to be travelling from country to country taking photos of what the world has to offer.
Doing photography, how do you see the world? I see the world as a beautiful, yet, strange place. Photography has taught me not only to see what is in front of you, but to also see what is not.


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