Sui Zhen: 'Two Seas' Ablum Launch at The Grace Darling

June 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Tonight I kissed my childhood goodbye,
             And, touched myself until I cried...” - Elva

Innocent, but still capturing adult life experience with wisdom. This night was a great night for live music, that is more than a stage full of long haired rock dudes sweating all over the audience. A vibe that resembled something close to a Massive Attack or Portished gig, music lovers gathered around to hear folk tales through the lyrics and emotive melodies strummed on guitars and stroked chords of cellos.

 “... Lover, I do wonder,
         What you do when I’m gone...” - Sui Zhen

Julia and Angus Stone influences in the brother and sister act of Sui Zhen. And, a comedic drummer who googled a story to tell in awkward moments of tuning which turned into a delightful music intermission called ‘High Achiever’. For the audience this “...another day in the life of Becky”, and watching her perform was actually quite cute in the way everything was set up.

“... Hold your horses honey,
        Hold this feelin’...” - Fanny Lumsden

Lucie E.
Lilly Pilly Photography

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