G:7 Festival: A Personal Reflection

April 18, 2013  •  1 Comment

“This was a learning experience.” - Sea Pilot (Founder of GASHE)

On Wednesday the 10th of April, 2013 the G:7 Festival was officially declared opened by Danny Silver (Co-Founder of GASHE), after explaining the original concept and previously used pronunciations of GASHE.

After the opening night Grand Myki debate, we the GASHE crew were locked down for a week of adventurous antics and parties. A lot of time, effort and thought went into this festival. Not to mention the emotional and mental energy of everyone who was involved. We tickled the cultural senses of political discussions, tricky think-tank questions, personal discoveries, doing the unexpected, exploring different regions of this fine city and it’s offerings.

Even though I didn’t put in as much time and effort into organizing this festival as Sea and Danny did, however I did feel the days clocking and catching up on me, as I was running around and doing my best to capture the essence of the festival. So much fun was to be had and I was there for the majority of it, being a part of what could be history and taking snippets of the magic unfolding. Many experiences were had. And, much was learned.

Being amongst it for the first 3 events, as well personal errands being made throughout the week including other gigs on the side and backlogs to be caught up on, I had to take a step back from the festivities. My body need to take a rest along with my mind and soul. Walking everywhere and dancing finally caught up with me, as did the sleeplessness.

Over the 2 days I had taken for a break, I had come to some realizations and made some decisions in my own life. One major decision, which had the most thought put into will benefit Lilly Pilly Photography to push it in the direction that I’m looking for, even if it’s just in  the slightest, for the moment. I also came to realization of the more realistic goals I want in the short term and long term future with Lilly Pilly. Of course, some of these realizations and decisions were the ideas and the supportive help of a client who has place her time, knowledge and confidence in me when I was most confused on where to take Lilly Pilly next. Thank you, you know who you are ;)

Writing this entry, I even just come to the realize, that while I was concentrating on the branding and getting the name out there, I lost sight of my inspirations and ultimate goal of artistic achievement. To be a documentary photographer. To show the world the lives that some people live through their eyes, to inspire, help, save lives or even to encourage more awareness on particular issues. There is an honest and raw story out there to be told.

Coming to the end of the large week and the closing night. Reflecting back on these past couple of months even, while sitting at Gin Palace with an intimate gathering of fans and friends, was quite intense. Everyone was in need of a seat and a chilled out night with a couple of brews, cocktails or wines. As a collective, people were posed with important issues facing us now, asked questions on how they would make a difference and put into a surreal face paced environment. Much time and energy was poured into this spectacular event, and Lilly Pilly Photography can’t wait to see the results in the next GASHE issue, G:8, in Spring 2013.

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Also, keep an eye out for a large warehouse party coming up in the near future ;)

Lilly Pilly


Awesome! You are amazing Lucie. Your support makes it worthwhile to keep going with this all
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