Inspirations: Cindy Sherman

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American photographer and director, Cynthia Morris Sherman (better known as Cindy Sherman), is well known for her conceptual portraits. With her work posing questions and important matters of female presence in the workplace, and society. Living and working in New York, her photographs include some of the most expensive ever sold.


Interested in visual arts, Cindy attended Buffalo State College. She started out painting, but she soon became frustrated with limitations of medium and then took up photography.


"I was meticulously copying other art and then I realized I could just use a camera and put my time into an idea instead."


Photography is not the only talent Cindy holds down well, being a director/filmmaker, she directed the ‘97 horror “Office Killer”. She is also a model of her own work, including her own makeup artist, stylist and hair stylist. Playing different roles, other than herself, such as the stereotypical housewife, the prostitute, woman in distress, dancer, woman in tears, actress and many other chameleon-like personalities.


Lilly Pilly Photography is inspired by Cindy Sherman, because she is a woman of many talents within art and has a chameleon like personality. Lilly Pilly Photography may not be a filmmaker/director, hair stylist or makeup artist, but she does enjoy art in all forms and mediums.


Also being talented in many forms, Lilly Pilly Photography enjoys drawing and painting, especially with soft pastels and pencil. Exploring new mediums such as aerosol painting and collage. On the odd occasion, she will also put herself in front of the lens and model in abstract projects.




Cindy Sherman Official Website

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