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http://www.gashe.com/articles.php?t=394 Written By Danny Silver - GASHE Media

http://www.milkbarmag.com/2012/07/01/images-and-sound-collide-lilly-pillys-first-birthday-celebrations/ Written By Kristian Hatton - MilkBar Magazine


Above are the two main articles written in the follow up to Lilly Pilly's 1st Birthday Bash and 1st solo exhibition last year in July at the cozy Horse Bazaar. I was so excited about the whole event, despite the amount of stress and running around that was involved. But, since then I've learned a few things from that experience, and things are a little different this year.

As most of you may already know, Lilly Pilly Photography's 2nd Birthday is creeping up fast, and I'm more excited about this than ever. This time round, we will celebrate the birthday first then an exhibition will later follow down the track, so there leaves room for more organization on both parts.

The birthday of Lilly Pilly Photography, as it was last year and will always be, is to celebrate everyone who has been apart of the growth of the name that is now becoming more and more noticed. All the people who supported, gave feedback/advice, believed in and even just simply was backing Lilly Pilly up as an artist, they are the ones who are being celebrated rather than the business being established for however long. It does give me great pride to know the people that I know and the smallest things that they do or say make all this worth while.

In the past 2 (or possibly more years) that Lilly Pilly has been circulating the networks, nightclubs and bars within Melbourne, I have met so many people, and heard so many stories. From one place to another, it helps me understand this world for the bigger picture that it is and inspires me to travel and experience things in new heights. But, still it can't all be positive vibes without a few negatives to balance it out. I have also seen the worse of people come out in the atmospheres (not very often though) that I've moved through. Experienced moments where I've experienced myself getting caught up in all the hype and loosing sight of what Lilly Pilly Photography was originally about (telling stories through visuals and colour), drinking and being the party girl rather than being the party photographer.

Now after sitting down and really thinking about short and long term goals and getting them down on to paper to cross off as each one is achieved, I have more of a direction on where I want to lead Lilly Pilly Photography and what I want to place the focus on to reach where I want to be. I believe I can become the new Nan Goldin, a new breed of art one day. I also believe I can make a major contribution to making a better world.

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