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I’m ultimately driven by what I’m currently playing trying to create tunes that fit into the scope of what I’m playing at the moment, while still trying to create something a bit unique/different. However, with the exceptional talent out there that’s constantly emerging this is an endless battle that I love fighting.” is the beating heart of Melbourne’s break beat and bass culture. Co-founder of Rock Like This and Kiss.FM radio presenter, Chris has motivation like you would never believe, thriving off the energy of his crowd and beats.

Having a good 10 years of DJ performance experience behind him, he has achieved such great heights, including a collaboration with Matty Blades, Dropping Phat as well as Friday Funk at Sendito Funf. Being a lecturer at Melbourne’s DJ School, he’s an idol and someone to be inspired by. and JD, as well as Lounge & Rock Like This, have had close affiliations with Lilly Pilly Photography. Giving the support and pushes she needed to get the name off the ground as well as the door to opportunity she needed. She has been so honoured to have JD apart of the 1st Birthday last year and this year representing the good vibes and good crew.

Thus, I am a Citizen who communicates with music.” can make a dance floor, and can make people go wild with beats. You will get nothing but the funkiest of breaks.

This is and this is his story;

1. How did your passion begin for music?
I have always had a huge spot in my heart for Music in general. From a young age Music has been a big part of my life. Not so much through performing or playing instruments, but just from listening. It was one of my favourite things to do when I was young is play my parents old vinyl LPs and just listen to music in general.

My love for electronica happened in a quiet lame but funny way. I guess I was first intrigued in the idea of DJing when I was in year 11 of high school. Sitting in the common room we had a Cd stereo system that had an EQ adjustment on the front of it. And one lunch time we had WILD NIGHTS (yes I said it) vomiting through the speakers, and I was playing with the EQ, doing the basic Bass cuts and drops to the music and started getting a response from my mates and the other kids in the common room. It was literally this very simple moment that turned my mind into investigating more about DJing and look at it more seriously.  

2. What was the inspiration behind the name “”?
My DJ name has no grand story behind it. But I’ll turn it into one anyway.  Years ago, (and I mean like 10+ years ago), when I first started to peruse the idea of DJing as something a bit more serious than a hobby, I attended DJ mixing School Melbourne. One of the main lecturers at the school was DJ and local Breaks Ledged – Brewster Bee.  One class we ended up discussing different options for DJ names. I had been playing with the idea of Citizen from some time. Looking at Citizen Snips, Citizen Kane (although this was already taken by a US DJ), and plays on the Citizen Idea the Brewster just came out with “What about… It’s different, and no one has ever used it in a DJ name before.” And from that point it instantly stuck to me.

Over the years I have developed a bit of a deeper meaning behind the name that I think truly fits with my objective as a DJ. That is, I am a citizen of the world, just another Human being as important or non-important as the next.  And the .com in my name stands for Communication (despite this is NOT what .com stands for at the end of a URL… It’s more related to the idea of ‘commercial’ intent).  Thus, I am a Citizen who communicates with music.  

3. What drives you to make music, play gigs and be
There are many factors that drive my passion for DJing and producing. My love for music is obviously a big factor that is driven by the constant flow of GREAT sounds from the world’s best and still unknown producers. Just the art of finding good music is something that I really enjoy.

Being able to share it with friends is another massive factor. Having friends, making friends and seeing smiling faces while your DJing is possibly one of the best things you can experience in your life (if you are me anyway). Sharing music that makes me move and feel something special and seeing it have the same effect on others is a constant positive that continues to drive me.

And, when it comes to making music, I guess I’m ultimately driven by what I’m currently playing trying to create tunes that fit into the scope of what I’m playing at the moment, while still trying to create something a bit unique/different. However, with the exceptional talent out there that’s constantly emerging this is an endless battle that I love fighting.

4. What are the inspirations and motivations towards
My main inspiration is the broken beat. Having dedicated to DJ career towards the broken beat sound it is ultimately this that drives me a fuels my passion for music. The evolution of the sound over the past 15 years keeps me on my toes and always moving forward into new areas of different sounds. Constantly discovering new and incorporating those special classics to create a story in music.

Additionally my love for hosting and organizing events is also a big part of what I do. There is nothing quite like seeing a whole event unfold from start to finish and watch the energy build and peak with friends and random people alike.  Always trying to think of the next good concept, touring international acts and collaborating with like-minded people keeps me motivated and pushing to stay in the game.

5. Any plans for in the future? is always planning for the future. Having worked under the ROCK LIKE THIS banner for years and continuing to do so with many more international guests on the way and local night showcasing top notch local and interstate talent is always on the cards.
A new venture this year that has also stepped up to the next level is a collaboration with Matty Blades and Tom Showtime and the BROTHER HOOD of BEATS. Looking to really step up what we have done in the past and get more of a local scene happening in Australia focusing on the funkier side of breaks. In particular the Ghetto Funk party vibe that we have been pushing in Melbourne at long running night - DROPPING PHAT! For over 7 years at the iconic Workshop bar.

Lastly, I also plan to really push out some original productions this year. With a remix already locked in for VELCRO records, and a potential EP planned for LOOPHOLE Records, and loads more remixes and originals on the way.

 Catch weekly on KISS FM – Dance Music Australia – Rock Like This Radio (2pm – 4pm EST)
+ Monthly at – Workshop, E55, Section 8, and Blue Bar.


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