Sea Pilot: A New Perspective

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“I am international, chilled out, adventurous, a thinker, an optimistic, a pacifist and interested in a lot of different things.”

A large thinker with a big heart, Sea Pilot is the founder of GASHE Media as well as on a mission to create a better world for all of us. Educated and aware of the issues that are faced in society, Sea is set on educating the rest of the world on its various issues and make things that matter REALLY MATTER in our lives.

Lilly Pilly’s associations with GASHE have been very interesting, and very much a big part of the growth to where Lilly Pilly is today. Much has been learned on everyone’s perspective. A lot has been experienced between the GASHE crew, from personal to social experiences, local issues (ie. Myki & Government Power) have been brought to the table in great discussions. We have all been challenged in our thinking and our contributions.

Sea is one of the most interesting people you will have the pleasure of conversing with. He will challenge you in your opinion and thinking, he will teach you and he is a very creative spirit.
And, to give you a taste of his aura, have a read through his story and get a feel of his history:

1. How was the name Sea Pilot inspired?
I’ve been known as “Sea” – my initials - since 2000 in Toronto Canada. It was the name I used for my character when I started writing my second novel. “Sea Pilot” was my alias for the infamous Melbourne gigolo website I set up several years ago and as I’ve grown and evolved as a DJ in Melbourne I’ve started using it for select gigs.

2. How has GASHE changed your perspective on the world that surrounds us and life in general?
After a dozen years finding myself in North America and learning about the world and its rulers as a whole through conspiracists and mass media alike, GASHE has taught me that Australia is a little behind in terms of social consciousness and seeing the bigger picture. Australians are generally happy go lucky people enjoying amongst the highest qualities of life anywhere in the world and thankfully there isn’t much political discussion or interest in depressing realities of our existence.

I’ve found Australian social consciousness has drastically improved in the past couple of years with the explosion of social media and that people here are becoming a lot more aware and involved in helping make a better future. This slowed GASHE down a little at the beginning because not too many people were into us warning about some of the bullshit of society, government and corporate interests. Now people have started to wise up and we don’t seem as preachy or controversial.

Generally, I try to be optimistic about the gradually improving future of the world, which is easier here in liveable Australia, though travelling elsewhere on the planet the signs are pretty grim that there will probably be darker days for us all before the happier ones return. GASHE will keep plugging away to help people understand what’s happening and why, while proposing solutions to better the world. We’ll get there.

3. How would you best describe yourself and your sound as Sea Pilot?
I am international, chilled out, adventurous, a thinker, an optimistic, a pacifist and interested in a lot of different things.

My musical sound is diverse and eclectic. I appreciate a lot of different genres and styles from across the world, and my sets will include fresh new sounds interspersed with classic tunes and grooves. I’ll play anything from IDM, ambient bass, drum & bass, hip hop, instrumental hip hop, trip hop, space rock, chill out, dubstep, trap, classical, soul, funk, breaks, world music and more.

I’ve come a long way as a DJ since I arrived in Melbourne in late 2005. Other than having access to turntables in the early ‘00s in Toronto where I was predominantly a laptop DJ, up until a couple of years ago I’ve never really had my own gear to practice on. Between decks at home, a weekly radio show, an extended weekly residency and a growing list of gigs, the regular playing has noticeably helped. Unfortunately I think the first few years I DJed here weren’t great for my reputation as I often mish mashed tracks through an attention deficit of moods, and without practice didn’t have many of the technical fundamentals down pat.

I’m working towards gaining new respect for where I’m at right now and I know I’ve turned a lot of heads this year.

4. Having the name Sea Pilot opposed to your real name. Do you feel that the name Sea has given you a different persona?
Sea and Sea Pilot are alter egos and more the social, extroverted sides of my personality, whereas deep down I can be quite shy, independent and reserved.

I was coming down off a really terrible time in my life in the late ‘90s and I desperately needed a fresh start upon the turn of the millennium. Changing my name was one of my first steps, and I think the different persona I’ve cultivated over the past decade was trying to blossom into the person I wanted to become. “Sea” helped me get there.

5. What are your future goals with Sea Pilot and GASHE?
Sea Pilot will still always be better known for that silly website! In that respect I hope to bring peace and make marvellous love to the hotties of the world.

As a DJ, I seek to keep evolving, mastering the fundamentals and playing amazing sounds that people have never previously heard. I plan to add a live dimension to my sets, starting simply, and eventually forming a live band or orchestra that plays covers and ambitious originals that can then be mixed in/out of a DJ. When I’m ready to release tracks I want them to be visionary and undeniably different. I think this project is going to be called, “Humans are Tourists”.

I hope to keep turning heads and gain new opportunities for bigger gigs and festivals, and to continue jamming with Silver, Lephrenic, and our other friends. It’s a lot of fun, whatever happens.

For GASHE, we’ve taken a break since April’s G:7 festival, which was exhausting and wiped me out. I’m recharging my batteries and devising a more organised master plan. A new website is coming soon, I expect we’ll have a few parties to announce, and there will be a new plan for the magazine and radio components moving forward.

We’ll keep increasing our involvement in community and social activities, and maybe even set up a non-profit wing or separate entity that I’ve thought about for years.

6. Obviously, the GASHE crew have done a fair bit for the community and towards public concerns in the past. What do you think you/the GASHE crew can achieve towards making a difference for the world?
The master vision of GASHE is dependent on attracting enough similar minds and educating others, primarily through our media efforts with the magazine, internet radio and live events. This critical mass and the networking we build along the way is imperative if we’re ever going to have much of a noticeable impact on current affairs.

On a more local scale, we try to be humble and under the radar with what we do in the community. I’d rather not draw attention to ourselves for the sake of it when the genuine objective is to help others. We’ll keep plugging away with the smaller issues we feel we have a direct ability to help with. I think improving indigenous equality and respect, gender issues, and the importance of understanding mental health are going to be a big part of this for our next year or so of GASHE.

I know humanity is going to arrive at a beautiful place before it’s all said and done, and I hope to witness this in my lifetime. I dream I can play some sort of positive role in helping all of this happen, on whatever level, and inspire future generations to keep up the good energy long after I’m gone.



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