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This past year has been an extreme growth spurt for Lilly Pilly Photography, as well as finding a new voice and directions heading towards where Lilly Pilly wants to end up in 5 – 10 years times. However, this growth spurt wasn’t done individually, but done with the help and support of so many people who have had a talk with Lilly Pilly, sent feedback, supported the works, gave advice, given opportunities, helped get the name out there, and basically been there when times have gotten low.

First of all I would like to Thank & JD for giving Lilly Pilly the push and the open doors of opportunity to even consider idea as a business. Lounge (old school crew) who gave me the opportunity take photos at the venue 3 times a week for 6 months when Lilly Pilly first started out, also with that Rock Like This for giving me the same opportunities for 2 years. It has been extremely wonderful and had some many amazing experiences, met the most amazing crew from working alongside Rock Like This documenting their events. Another crew (again old school) I would like to Thank for the open path ways into the industry is Wobble for the creative support for the photos I took with just a small digital point & shoot camera, way before Lilly Pilly was even a name let alone a artist business idea (we are talking 4 – 5 years ago).

Lilly Pilly would also like to Thank her incredible and talented crew involved this year for giving their time, energy and creative input towards Saturday night. This includes my Graphic Designer - James Bartram, my in-house Photographer – Rocksolid Photography (Raynor), and my flavorous DJs performing C:1 (Camla), Sea Pilot, Mondo Loco (Serhan), System Unknown (Jase & Andy), (Chris). Also, Allie & The Workshop Bar for allowing us to celebrate with flavour this year in their friendly environment.

Thank you to those who’ve shared the event out and told your friends about it, as well as KayHat of Haarp Media for his write up and podcast mention. & Kiss.FM for mentions of Rock Like This radio. All the crews involved this year such as System Unknown, GASHE, Rock Like This, the Melbourne D&B movement.

Thank you to all the crews that Lilly Pilly Photography have been affiliated with such as Rock Like This, Lounge, GASHE, HYP Fest. (great community & youth based events that Lilly Pilly has had such great times shooting for), For The Record, Cymatic Society, Hopskotch Records, Hoodrapz (much love & on-going support), Haarp Media, Bendigo Bank Flemington Community Branch (massive opportunities into the world of corporate photography and a chance to get involved with the community),  The Brotherhood of Beats (Matty Blades & Citizen), Dropping Phat!.

A couple of personal Thanks; Mamacita Bonnita for inspiring and help in recognizing potential, as well as life direction. Not to mention some amazing love & support towards Lilly Pilly. Much respect & Love. Mel for all your advice, time and faith towards the business and helping it grow. Anthony (aka. Yenks) for advice and challenging the perspective of Lilly Pilly, as well as pushes towards making the business a little more noticeable (believe me it’s not forgotten). Corrine for challenging the thought process and motivation, really pushing the person behind the name to really crack down and get out of her comfort zones. Lee-Ann for on-going inspiration, teachings, and criticisms. Len (ellway) for advice, teachings, the years we have worked together and also on-going inspiration. The GASHE crew for some honest words, motivations and pushes into creativeness.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU & BIG LOVE to everyone who has ever supported, liked, gave feedback towards Lilly Pilly Photography. You the supporters & followers are not forgotten as you are the reason why Lilly Pilly is still a name today.

Yours Truly,
Lilly Pilly



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