Lilly Pilly Arts Turns 6!!!

July 05, 2017  •  1 Comment


Up until about 3 nights ago, I had forgotten how long Lilly Pilly has been around, I was actually quite surprised.

To be perfectly honest, I thought last year would been the last. The past year and a bit have been put off to try pursue a career within the finance industry. However, I have been coming back to my roots and trying to find the real creative direction for Lilly Pilly.

Although, I was been quiet over time, no time was wasted while soul searching (which is still happening as we speak). And, very proudly I am happy to say Lilly Pilly has returned with some new approaches. You may have noticed some merging of projects that have been happening on the side, such as the modelling and the drawing/ painting, with the main photographic approach. As time moves forward, so will the brand Lilly Pilly Arts.

The weekend that has just past was spent (quietly) at home making much needed updates to the content and look of the website. Admittedly, during my time away from Lilly Pilly Arts, the website and social media content is what has, unfortunately, suffered the most.

After some discoveries have been made about myself as a person and new teachings of how to market myself via various media/ social outlets, I have grown more confident in the knowing that I eventually find a direction that incorporates all my talents into one. I will just be taking it as it comes and with stride.

While I was updating the content of the website and compiling my best stuff to showcase in smaller numbers (not to mention better quality), I had to go through all the old material. Doing this I have seen a progression in skill, quality, style, confidence and customer service. It was both incredibly cringe worthy and amazing to see where this brand/ name has come 6 years later on. What is more exciting to see, is where it can potentially go and what can be achieved in the future years to come.

I do want to send a big shout out to everyone who supported me and Lilly Pilly Arts, and gotten involved over the years and still continue to support me in my endeavours.

A special thank you to the amazing crew and community at Mango Lounge Bar for getting me on as their resident photographer, which has essentially brought Lilly Pilly Arts back into the game. This crew are my extended family and I don’t know if Lilly Pilly Arts would actually exist at this time if it was not for them.

Another special thank you goes out to the SUPER ENJOY crew for welcoming me back to the scene with open arms and supporting Lilly Pilly Arts in many, many, many ways which is beyond words to describe the gratitude that I have for you guys.


Tjanatja (AKA. Lilly Pilly Arts)


Thank you talented lady. <3 your work!
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