A tourist in your own city

January 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We all talk of our adventures to other cities & countries around the world, however, how many can you recall in your own city?

It’s hard to think of how many adventures that have been or could be, we are so use to our surroundings like clock work that we don’t even think of adventure. We are not as in tune or as mindful of our surrounding so to speak - even if there is something happening all the time or constantly changing, we did not to pay too much attention to them or concentrate on our regular routine. Being born and bred in Melbourne, I have seen this place change so much since I was a little girl, half those changes seem like they only happened yesterday, in reality they happened well over 10 years ago.

Things change so quickly that we either can’t keep up with the all or just let them all slip past our eyes, our minds and walk right past them everyday without notice. I am guilty of this, however, recently in efforts to facilitate a new found freedom and push past anxieties of exploring unknown territories, I have become a tourist in my own city.

Why anxieties of unknown places? 

Negative associations to these places can hold a lot of power. For example; Footscray is a suburb with a very dark and rough history of drug abuse and racism/ hate crimes. Now, people say it has been cleaned up a lot and has become trendy on the property market. I have spoken to people about this suburb and one of the most accurate descriptions I have been given was, “it has a raw honesty”. Yes, it has become trendy, however, it’s like a different world altogether - you feel like your are somewhere is Asia when you go to the iconic Footscray Fruit and Vegetable market. Or, you can visit authentic tastes of Africa down the road before partying it up with some drinks in a beer garden crafted from recycled materials and sit with a unique mix of people.



Something as small as a bad memory can taint or prevent visits to unknown places, however, taking small steps and visits to a particular area can give healing and relief to this form of anxiety - because you are facing it and showing that it is a memory that is now in the past.

Exercising a new found freedom can include going for walks in places that are unknown to you as well as taking photos of things that represent a new adventure or world to you. Or, you can arrange for a catch up with a friend or two at new places that neither of you have been and doing things that you would not normally do.

Whether you are by yourself or with the company of friends, doing new things or going outside of your ordinary routine can create excitement and give you a new perspective. It can help improve your attitude about trying new things and learning more about the world closer to you (plus, think of the money you can save of plane trips?). It can aid the growth of your awareness and mindfulness, and help you acknowledge/ manage your anxieties of unknown places due to negative associations. 

When you visit a suburb or do something out of the ordinary in your everyday life, what can you take from the experience that will inspire you? How will it inspire you? 


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